Flea & Tick Identification Guide

What are fleas & ticks?

Fleas and ticks both attach themselves to the outside of their hosts (people and animals) to feed. These pests are prolific breeders and can take over yards and homes in the blink of an eye.

flea on human skin

Fleas are tiny insects that are often confused for specks of dirt. Their large back legs provide them with the great jumping ability they are known for. Fleas prefer to feed on the blood of animals, and while they will also feed on people, we are not their first choice.

Ticks are a type of arachnid and therefore have eight legs. Ticks are wingless and do not jump. They will attach themselves to and feed on any person or animal host that brushes past them. Fleas can cause many problems in your Tulsa, OK home and yard.

Are fleas & ticks dangerous?

Fleas and ticks are dangerous and unwanted pests due to the diseases and parasites they spread and the allergic reactions they cause. Flea saliva often creates an allergic reaction in us and our pets that causes severe itchy dermatitis. Secondary infections are a common result of itching at the bite sites. Pets with a severe infestation may become anemic because of the flea's constant feeding on their blood. Fleas can also infect people and pets with parasitic tapeworms.

Ticks tend to be a bit more of a concern than fleas. They spread diseases through their saliva that can make people ill, including Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, tularemia, and ehrlichiosis. 

Why do I have a flea & tick problem?

Fleas and ticks move into our yards on the bodies of their hosts. These adept hitchhikers move into our yards on the backs of rodents, skunks, deer, raccoons, and other wild animals. Stray animals and neighborhood dogs, and cats can also introduce these pests onto your property. Once on your property, these pests will likely come into contact with your family or pets and will get into your home that way.

Inside, ticks rarely become a problem, because most species aren't able to reproduce indoors. Fleas, on the other hand, can reproduce and live quite successfully indoors. Having fleas living in your home is one of the most frustrating pest problems to have.

Where will I find fleas & ticks?

When a tick is not feeding on the blood of a host, they are on the ground, waiting for a host to walk past them that they can crawl on. Ticks are common along the edges of paths or wooded areas, along fence lines, and in road ditches.

Adult fleas spend most of their lives on the backs of an animal host, but their eggs develop into new fleas on the ground. The new fleas then wait for a host to come by hiding in tall grass, under piles of leaves, under shrubs or decks, or within woodpiles. In addition to our yards, fleas and ticks are a problem in wooded areas, parks, fields, campgrounds, and similar outdoor spaces.

How do I get rid of fleas & ticks?

Fleas and ticks are difficult pests to control. If you are experiencing problems with fleas and ticks in your Oklahoma, Kansas, or Arkansas home or business, let the professionals at BugBros Pest Control help. We take pride in offering the consistent and convenient services needed to eliminate fleas and ticks and prevent them from returning. We dedicate ourselves to providing our customers with a pest-free environment that can be enjoyed by family and friends. We kill bugs and #CrazyHappyCustomers!

How can I prevent fleas & ticks in the future?

Let the professionals at BugBros Pest Control, in conjunction with our helpful prevention tips, help you avoid problems with fleas and ticks:

  • Place your family's pets on year-round flea and tick medication prescribed by their veterinarian.
  • Regularly vacuum your floors, especially in areas where pets spend most of their time.
  • Maintain your lawn. Keep grass cut short, landscaping well-groomed, and cut back overgrown shrubs and trees.
  • Make your property less attractive to rodents and other wild animals that commonly have fleas and ticks living in their fur. Keep lids on trash cans, pick up uneaten pet food, and remove bird feeders from your property.
  • Remove brush piles, leaf piles, and other debris from your property that fleas and ticks can hide under.
  • When spending time in wooded areas or fields, make sure to wear long pants.
  • When walking in wooded areas, make sure to stay in the center of the trail.

For more information about our flea and tick control services, reach out to BugBros today. We would love to work with you to ensure that your residential or commercial property is free of fleas, ticks, and other pests!


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