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norway rat crawling inside home

What Every Wichita Property Owner Ought To Know About Rats


It’s understandable that insects and creatures freak people out, from their creepy appearance to their gross behaviors. Among those that scare folks the most are rats. They are substantial in size and have sharp teeth. These animals can bite you if they want to. Since they are able to reproduce with speed and get indoors easily, they are tough to combat. Further, they often reside in hard-to-reach spots. While they hide in your Tulsa pro... Read More

bed bug biting skin on an arm

How Bad Is It To Have Bed Bugs In Your Tulsa Home?


Bed bugs bite at night, and this can cause several issues. You may find yourself with insomnia as the bugs wake you up throughout the night, whether you can feel them crawling or biting. Their bites can be quite itchy, and you may end up with infections from scratching them. If you have a severe enough infestation, or if bed bugs are in your home long enough, you could even develop anemia. Bed bugs aren’t really a monster, but they are a... Read More

silverfish prevention

Here's What Makes Silverfish In Your Wichita Home So Hard To Get Rid Of


Silverfish are challenging to eliminate because there’s no such thing as removing all the moisture in the world. Further, they can crawl through the tiniest of holes. These aren’t obstacles for BugBros though. We have products and equipment that will eliminate entry points and create barriers around your property. That way, even if there’s water nearby, silverfish won’t be attracted to your land.... Read More

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