What Every Wichita Property Owner Ought To Know About Rats


A few rodent species are known for violating Wichita homes and businesses. In Tulsa, the Norway rat is the biggest offender. They are also referred to as the brown rat. These pests have a dependent relationship with humans as they’re after our shelter and food sources. Learn how local rats function and how to prevent them with an assist from BugBros.

norway rat crawling inside home

How Do Wichita Rats Look & Behave? What Is the Threat? 

As previously mentioned, Norway rats are common in the region. They are 15 inches long, with 7-inch tails. Thick brown, gray, or black fur covers their bodies. These critters get inside properties by digging burrows, which can ruin a lawn. You’re most likely to have trouble with rats if your yard has a garden or is unkempt. For example, if there are tall grass and disheveled shrubs. Also, be on alert if your Wichita home or business has low structural quality. These pests will locate a foundation gap and chew it wide open. They can enter through holes the width of a quarter.
Rats have teeth that continually grow, so they gnaw on items. They will get to biting on wires and walls. The former has the potential to start an electrical fire or fault. Another worry with these pests is bacteria. Parasites and microbes are in their fur, saliva, and waste. As they run across surfaces and rummage in food, they contaminate it. Ultimately, humans will be at risk for viruses and diseases like trichinosis and salmonella. 

Signs of infestation include:

  • Finding droppings shaped like a capsule
  • Seeing teeth imprints on cords, furniture, and foundations
  • Noticing oily stains along walls 
  • Discovering burrows in the ground outside
  • Catching rats in daylight. They are nocturnal creatures so if you see one out in the light, that could mean their living quarters are getting crowded.

Rats tend to nestle in damp spaces that are dark and quiet. If these animals are hanging around, you’re bound to see them in storage rooms, attics, basements, and similar places.

How Can You Prevent Rats?

You have to be proactive about rat prevention. Once these pests are inside your Wichita home or business, it’s an uphill battle getting rid of them. Here’s what you’ll need to do for deterrence:

  • Use containers with tight-fitting lids for trash and food storage.
  • Look for voids and cracks near utilities, vents, windows, doors, and foundations. Have them sealed.
  • Plumbing problems, moisture issues, and leaks should be repaired as soon as possible. 
  • Grass and greenery should be trimmed on a routine basis.
  • Plants and flowers need to be placed two feet or more from the home. 
  • Keep clutter down and clean storage areas regularly.

What Can BugBros Do About Rats?

Don’t attempt to eliminate rats on your own. The majority of retail products have low effectiveness, and some are dangerous to use. Further, it’s hazardous to handle these pests and their waste. Contact us at BugBros instead. Our expert technicians will use robust, but safe treatments to exterminate rats. Our affordable services come with follow-up visits for comprehensive coverage. Call for a free quote today!

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