The Trick To Effective Wasp Control For Your Tulsa Yard


Staying in control of any wasp infestation that might occur in your Tulsa yard requires a solid understanding. A wasp is what’s known as a stinging insect and can be either social or solitary. As the difference implies, a social wasp is one that lives in large colonies while solitary ones do not.

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Wasps are also known to prey on other insects as well as pollen and nectar. While there are many species of wasp, there are a few common to the Tulsa area, which include:

  • Cicada Killer: This is one of the largest wasps in the United States and looks like an over-sized yellowjacket. They have a rusty head and body with russet-colored wings. Only the female will sting, as the males are incapable of doing so. While they are a solitary wasp, they will nest in groups. While not extremely aggressive, they will defend themselves if they feel provoked.
  • Yellowjackets: This one loves to be around people's food and drinks. In addition, they’re extremely vicious when threatened. They primarily make their presence known in late summer, but any possible nest requires caution at any time of the year.
  • Paper Wasps: More helpful than other wasps since they prey largely on other pests, this wasp is still inclined to sting people if they get too close. They also like being inside homes more than other wasps. Fortunately, their colonies are relatively small, but that’s of little comfort when you consider a colony nesting inside your home.

Wasps Are Beneficial Yet Harmful

Most pests provide no perceivable benefit to humans or the ecosystem. However, wasps aren’t one of those pests. In fact, they are beneficial to the immediate environment since they prey on other pests and help pollinate flowers and plants. With that in mind, it doesn’t mean wasps should have free reign of your home or property.

For starters, they’re a direct threat to humans when they feel provoked. This manifests itself as a painful sting. And sometimes not just a single sting since wasps don’t lose their stingers when they attack and can continue to sting repeatedly. In addition to a painful sting, some people can experience severe reactions such as anaphylactic shock due to being allergic or stung numerous times. Keep in mind that it’s rarely one wasp that stings. There are usually dozens around, which means serious problems even if you aren’t allergic. Lastly, their tendency to build nests can result in property damage, which just adds insult to injury.

Tips To Keep Wasps Away

While wasps should continue to help benefit the ecosystem, they should do in the next yard over. As such, we’ve put together some tips to ensure it’s not your yard that wasps in the area decide to seek out. Our tips are:

  • Consider specialized landscaping: Wasps pollinate, which means they like every flower right? Not true. There are some they can’t stand and will gladly avoid. Feel free to look into plants that can grow in the Tulsa area that also keep wasps away.
  • Trash management: Every pest including wasps like to get into your trash. Just by practicing good trash management, you can greatly limit how inclined wasps are to hang around your property.
  • Pet food is a no-no: Make no mistake. You should feed your pet the appropriate food. However, when feeding time is over, it's important to store food in a sealed container instead of left out. You’d be shocked to know how much wasps love your pet’s food too.
  • Standing water: Wasps need water as other pests do. That’s why they seek standing water. If you don’t have any standing water in your gutters, garden, or other locations on the property, then they’re likely to find somewhere else to be.

Wasp Control With BugBros

When pest infestations threaten you and your loved ones, it’s time to get serious about controlling the problem. That’s why our team at BugBros works daily to protect residences from all pests, including wasps. With us, you can count on taking back control of your yard so you can experience every season to the fullest.

Do you need wasp control services? Then give us a call to speak with one of our agents about our professional pest prevention options or fill out our online form to schedule your free inspection.

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