How Did These Ants Get Into My Tulsa Home?


Ants are unwanted insects that can quietly enter your home and spread contaminants. They are communal and form large groups or colonies composed of males, queens, and workers that each has different roles. Ants in Tulsa can flourish in most environments and there are thousands of different species.

carpenter ant crawling on a home foundation

Common Types Found In Tulsa

Some of the most common types of ants in this region include odorous house ants, pavement ants, carpenter ants, and pharaoh ants. They typically range in size, from 1/8th of an inch to one inch in length. Regardless of the type, ants will remain indoors when they have access to sources of food and water. 

Why Ants Enter Homes

Depending on the specific species, ants may create nests in soil, along sidewalks and driveways, inside tree stumps, or other areas in proximity to your home. Their small size allows them to easily gain entry through very small openings in search of food, which they are adept at doing because of their excellent detection capabilities using their antennae. When a food source is discovered, ants generate pheromone chemicals that act as a means of communicating the news to others. 

Activity When Indoors

Ants often are first encountered in areas that provide access to food and/or water, like kitchens and bathrooms. In a matter of days or weeks, they can expand through cabinets, pantry area, basements, attics, and more. During their travel, ants can spread germs that may contaminate food, plates, utensils, and other items. 

The Importance Of Regular Cleaning

Cleanliness is tremendously important for preventing troublesome ants. Failing to remove crumbs and spills on countertops or floors is a common problem. Dirty dishes should not be left out overnight, and trash cans should have functional lids that restrict easy access. It is best to check under objects resting on the floor for any food debris that may otherwise not be visible. 

Best Practices For Preventing Ants

  • Swiftly repair any water problems that arise, such as leaking faucets or pipes that create moisture.
  • Conduct an inspection of the home’s foundation to identify any cracks that may have developed, and fill them using a sturdy sealant material.
  • Check the seals around your exterior entryways and windows for any openings that could allow access.
  • Apply weather sealant and sweeps along the base of doors.
  • Trash cans that contain food particles should be routinely taken outside 
  • Remember to thoroughly clean any areas where you discover ants, and remove their scent using an all-purpose cleaner, a mix of baking soda and vinegar, or other agents.

Do I Need To Contact A Professional Exterminator?

Makers of do-it-yourself pest removal products tend to market their sprays, gels, and traps in ways that are largely exaggerated. Most of these store-bought solutions are ineffective in fully eliminating deeply-rooted nests and breeding grounds of pests. Furthermore, many of these products may contain chemicals that can be hazardous to the health of you and your family. 

Learn More About Getting Rid Of Ants 

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